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The World as I Remember It

An ode to my hometown landscape: Yucaipa, Oak Glen and The San Gorgonio Wilderness

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It Was Good - 10 Years in the High Sierra

Includes near-death experiences, drama and comedy. In the end it culminates to having more powerful friendships in life and finding a purpose and meaning to life through the art manifested in nature.

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View and purchase available prints from all across the Sierra Nevada and other mountain ranges.

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Choose from 3 t-shirt designs from the San Gorgonio Wilderness, Yucaipa Ridge or Yucaipa, CA.

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Endres' work in the Sierra is a testament to the mysterious beauty that lies within the range.

Chris Burkard // Author, Photographer, Explorer

You'll gasp at the photography, but you'll get hooked on the stories of one man's adventures over ten years in the Sierra Nevada.

Jim Peterson // Owner, Garden Design Magazine

A very unique book made by an even more unique man.

Frank Anglin // Best Friend